Wedding cake who?


The wedding cake cutting ceremony where the bride and groom pose for pictures and feed each other is one of those wedding day traditions that may have had it’s day in the sun. I have been to a fair few weddings of late as I am of that age where everyone is getting married, out of all of these weddings I can only think of one that actually did an official cake cutting ceremony. They all had a wedding cake, but whether it be due to time or over excitement, the cake is often forgotten and overlooked. This is a shame as not only do they cost a lot of money but someone has spent time creating a piece of art to be presented on your wedding day. Even if there is a cutting ceremony, there is often no room for the cake after a 3 course meal followed by an evening buffet.

There was a time when the wedding cake was cut only by the bride, this was symbolic of her losing her virginity on the night of the wedding – however today the groom is included. Once this tradition began the bride and groom would share a piece of cake with each other before sharing the rest of the cake with the community to symbolise their union. There are other ways of ‘sharing’ with your new husband and your guests without having to have a cake to do so. Why not have a shot of your favourite liquor and toast your marriage in a non-traditional way. Or if some form of cake is important to you, have mini cupcakes or cake bites and ‘share’ them with your guests immediately after the wedding ceremony before the reception.

If having a wedding cake as part of your day is important to you then go for it, just make sure that you make a thing of it. Ensure that your guests are informed of when you are cutting your cake and perhaps serve the cake as dessert thus assuring that it is not wasted. I must mention one of the cakes in particular that friends of mine had at their wedding, although they did not partake in the cutting ceremony, the cake was served to us the following day. This is the best wedding cake I have ever had. On the outside it looked like any traditional wedding cake, however on the inside…wait for it…it was rocky road. Amazing! If you are having a wedding cake why not experiment with the content or design and create a cake that personifies you and your partner.


Alternatives to wedding cake


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