Weddingy couples diet challenge

Wedding cupcakes

The wedding is in 11 months and so my inevitable commencement of the wedding diet begins. I, like most women put on weight when in a relationship. All those nights in with a takeaway and romantic dinners out, less time at the gym and more time snuggling on the sofa. As Fiancé also needs to lose weight we have decided to make it fun – a competition. A fight between lovers if you will and I am determined to win.

The challenge

Fiancé and I will compete with each other to lose the most weight every 2 weeks. The loser will have to succumb to a dare set by the winner. As my husband-to-be is over a foot taller than me, loss of weight will be determined by a percentage of what we each need to lose. On our wedding diet journey we will try different diets and workouts in a bid to find what works (and to mix it up).

Week one (initial) measurements


Weight 18st 4lbs
Waist 116.5cm
Chest 121.5cm


Weight 9st 6lbs
Waist 80cm
Hips 103cm


Fiancé – 15st 5lbs
Trendette – 8st

The diet

5:2  (intermittent fasting)

2 days a week calories are reduced to 500 calories for women and 600 calories for men. For the other 5 days a week followers of the diet can eat what they want.


Fiancé  – Kinect UFC Trainer  x 3 sessions per week

This is a fab way to get your man interested in working out. Firstly, it is technically a computer game. The leaflet promises to make exercise fun and does in fact include games. It is also based on the manly sport of UFC (ultimate fighting champion). Need I say more. I will let you know how Fiancé gets on with it.

NB – An Xbox and the Kinect software are required to follow the above fitness programme.

Trendette – Interval training on trampette for 30mins followed by toning exercises for 20mins x 3 sessions per week

For anyone who is not sure what a trampette is – it is a mini trampoline to be used for exercise. I will be jogging on the trampette for one minute as fast as I can, resting for one minute, jog for one and rest for one and so on for 30mins.

Exercise set is merely a minimum, if a contestant has the unlikely urge to do more, then they are allowed to do so.

For further details on rules of the challenge etc click here.

Wish me (us) luck! Watch this space for an update in 2 weeks.


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